150th Anniversary

Here is a poster for our celebration event at St. Augustine’s on July 18.  Doors open at 7pm, band starts at 7.30. This is a toe-tapping fun event.  Please pass this message and poster to everybody you know.

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Dear friends and neighbours,

Our celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Penarth Docks has included a fantastic light show and the marina open day. Is that it? Of course not!

7pm Wednesday June 10 Penarth Pier Pavilion: History of Penarth Docks

Illustrated Talk on history of Penarth Docks by Professor Tony Atkins

Tickets £5 from the Penarth Pavilion
12 (noon) Saturday 13 June Taliesin Square (where Xmas tree and carols were) Picnic, songs & history

Bring a collapsible garden chair & a picnic (Derek will provide beautiful weather), we will then be entertained by a female choir who will sing in aid of WaterAid. Then about 2.30 Alan Thorne will tell us about the history of the neighbourhood.

Free event, donations at your discretion
7pm for 7.30 start Wednesday 17 June The new Pilot: pub quiz

This breathtaking and exciting event is hosted by Lesley and Greg – hold on to your sides

Participation £2 towards funds for the newsletter
Marina in Bloom (“MiB”) is back..Bloom up!

We are again participating in the Royal Horticultural Society Wales in Bloom – It’s Your Neighbourhood. You can understand why we abbreviated it to Marina in Bloom or MiB. The inspectors will be walking around the neighbourhood judging us during the two weeks 6-17 July. That means that we must prepare during June.

Please tidy up the outside around your property, clear away any weeds, and plant flowers. If relevant, please ask your management company to time their work schedule in anticipation of the judges. We were marked down last year because some areas were in desperate need of maintenance. Judith has said that she will install special planting along Terra Nova Way to commemorate our 150th Anniversary. Your management companies may be able to do something special as well. Please let me know so that we can publicly thank them too.

So is that it for our 150th Anniversary celebrations?  No!  That is only the aperitif. The real fun is yet to come. It is so hot that it requires its own email. Hold on to your socks because they will be blown away. Watch out for the next email.
Very best wishes,


Dr. Martin Whitehill

Penarth Marina & Haven Residents’ Association





Dear friends and neighbours,

Here is a poster for this Sunday’s Marina Open Day. I hope that you will all be able to join in the fun. There is also the chance to become a film star. A film is being made on the history of Penarth Docks and this open day will form part of it. Discovery, fame, glamour and riches await you on Sunday.

Don’t tell anyone but they will also be filming us having fun on Saturday June 13 when we will all be in Taliesin Square (where we sang Christmas carols) to listen to the history of our neighbourhood told by Alan Thorne. I don’t think that there is anything about Penarth history that he does not know! To make the event more exciting we could start about noon and bring a picnic. There is a women’s choir for WaterAid who would like to entertain us with songs. I’ll have a strong word with Derek about sorting the weather out for us. I will let you know all the details of this event in about one week’s time. In the meantime, I’ll see you on Sunday.



Light Show of Penarth Docks

Penarth Marina resident Stuart Green’s lighting students at University of South Wales were set the task of lighting up the docks for up to two hours on March 4, 2015.  Here are the breathtaking results

These photographs were taken by Roger Cush:

EditRoger has files to share with you on OneDrive. To view them, click the links below.

Here are photographs and a film shot from a drone by University of South Wales:



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