AGM Minutes

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Here are the minutes of our AGM held before Easter. This is my last ‘official’ function as the baton has been passed to your new Chair, Gwynne Griffiths. I wish him, and all of you, the very best as residents here in this little piece of paradise that is Penarth Marina and Haven. I hope to see you all at one of our social functions. 

Very best wishes,

Penarth Marina & Haven Residents’ Association

Minutes of Penarth Marina and Haven Residents’ meeting 

Held at The Pilot. 7.p.m Tuesday 15th March 2116 

Present: Martin Whitehill, Jane & Joe Wattleworth, Jean & Keith Harvey, Anne & John Soulsby, Avril & Ray Bulpin, Allyson & Joe Lipp, Lynne Gornall, Kathryn Vaughn, Sandie Newton, John & Lynda Constable, Janet Elhami, Lesley O’shea, Jane Sullivan, Denise Griffiths, Gwyn Griffiths, Ray Collins, Avril Colins, Roger Cadenne, Lucinda Cadenne, Mathew Biscue, Pauline Phillips, David Elworthy, Roger Cannon, Colin Pendre, Ross Wain, Flors Vinuala- Navarro, Annabel Cartwright, Marcia Clode, Helen Ward, Chris Williams, Clive McMurray. 

Apologies: Lesley Tovey, Greg Clark, Simone Ballett, Kathy Seddon, Jude Warren, Chrissie Peg, Gail and Roger Cush

Minutes of last meeting: Accepted 

Matters arising:


The newsletter is the only way to communicate with all residents, although we have electronic communications including website, twitter, email and Facebook they cannot reach everybody, especially with the turnover of residents in the neighbourhood. The cost of printing the newsletter is currently £207, Martin asked for approval for the Residents’ Association to approach local business to have their donations recognised in boxes on the back page.
Approved : Unanimous, for action by the new Chair

Beach access behind Custom House.

Gwynne Griffiths, Gwyn Roberts and Martin Whitehill met with Gwyn Teague from the Vale Council to discuss the access. There is a possibility that the access could be accepted as public right of way. At present there is no public right of way.

There is a simple form to fill in by the new Chair but the council would like statements from people to say that they have used it during the last 20 years. More details to follow, by email from the new Chair, regarding procedure. 

Action: Gwynne Griffiths, the new Chair, to disseminate the statement forms and where to send them.

Zig Zag path

The long awaited Lights on zig zag path are planned for 2017 . 
Question from the floor: are we vulnerable to funding cuts?

Answer: Originally residents had a photograph of the public footpath sign which proved its existence. The reinstatement was funded by Sustrans. Trunking for cabling has been installed. There is no legal obligation by the Vale council and they are looking to do it with section 101 funding which is held by the Vale of Glamorgan. Residents will need to continue to pressurise to get this done. Also, seating, trees and planting as well as street art were to be put on each bend. 

Plymouth Park.

We need to see what will happen with wild flowers but the park is under jurisdiction of WAG. Residents need to pressurise if work needs completing. 

Yellow Lines

Penarth Portway yellow lines agreed in 2014 and planned for 2015 but still need to go ahead – if residents want them then there is a need to write in with letter of support, as per the Council signs attached to lamp posts. 

Suggestion from the floor. – write a script which can be sent out to member of the association individual people need to all sign individually. Can be the same the letter the more people that write the more notice the council will take.

 Action: New Chair, Gwynne Griffiths to organise.

Trees Felling Penarth Escarpment.

Action being taken with letters of complaint and next stage of that procedure continuing. The more letters sent in the more notice the council will take.  

Treasurers report.

Lesley Tovey is away at present but sent in her report

Bank Balance at present £550 however there £207 outstanding to be paid for newsletter. 

Chairs report

Martin Whitehill explained how we measure our success or failure. Our purpose is to improve the quality of life of residents which we achieve by improving Physical amenities and social amenities. This year we have had the Quiz, book club and carols on the quay, amongst other social engagements. If anyone has ideas for additional social activities please let the new Chair know and then volunteer to launch it and get it going.

The current improvements to physical amenities were discussed above and are summarised in the newsletter. 

In order for the Residents’ Association to maintain its legitimacy it is essential that it acts with and for the residents with their prior approval. Communications are therefore imperative. 

Regarding communications, the most important is the newsletter which goes to all 800 households. The website, email, Twitter and Facebook reach large numbers of residents but not all. Plus new arrivals to the neighbourhood will be oblivious to our existence, plus there will always be some people not on electronic communications. In order to engage with everyone and to achieve legitimacy by communication, we must keep the newsletter, until technology takes over and is mainstream. 

The residents association hold regular meetings – we must have 3 meetings a year as this is in our constitution: AGM, June, September and can also add in November if we need to make decisions. By communicating to all residents our meeting arrangements in advance and the nature of any decisions needed from them, we can accept their decisions at the meetings on behalf of all residents and act accordingly. 

Regarding the Physical amenities of road and paths, leisure parks and development. We will see more developments in next few years i.e. balconies, extensions, windows this may change the nature of the environment. There may be need to set up a neighbourhood review to ensure that future developments fit in with this ethos. 

 Election of Officers:

Jude Warren has volunteered to continue as secretary 

Vote: unanimous   
Lesley Tovey as treasurer   

Vote: unanimous
Chair Nomination: Gwynne Griffiths. 

Vote: Unanimous


Everybody for distributing the newsletter, The Pilot, Tesco, Quay Marina, Anne Soulsby and Litter pickers, Lesley Tovey, Jude Warren , Avril Bulpin, Jane Wattleworth Chrissie Pegg. And all the Residents for participating in the association.

Gwyn Griffiths gave thanks on behalf of all the residents to Martin for all his work with the residents association. Martin has delivered quality in all he does and ensured that we live in the best place in Wales. Gwynne thanked the residents for voting him in as Chair and he is ready to deal with all the issues in the area.

End 19.40pm


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