Brief History of Penarth Docks-Llandough Fields, Brian Colquhoun, Feb-89

Ely River Subway Condition Report, Thorburn Colquhoun, Jul-91

Time line of Penarth Docks

Comprenensive history written from a personal perspective

The boom and bust of Cardiff Docks and Penarth Dock

Penarth’s maritime history

The River Ely Tidal Harbour

Maritime heritage education resource pack for teachers

Old photographs of Penarth

Penarth history and (dated) description

Penarth’s floating dry dock

Boat Building in and next to Penarth Docks

Boatshed on the beach at Penarth (Docks)

The ships Pamir and Passat in Penarth Docks

The final voyage of Pamir to Penarth Docks

Taff Vale Railway

Time line of the Police Force in Cardiff and Penarth Docks

The People of Penarth

Baroness Windsor

Obituary of Baroness Windsor

Painting of Baroness Windsor

– More detail of the painting

Lithograph of Baroness Windsor

John Batchelor

The Ryan Family History

Women smugglers

The Chapels of Penarth

Historical Walks
These walks were written in the early 1990s and are fascinating for that fact. They describe the scene from 100 years ago but at the same time give a glimpse of the scene in the 1990s.

Walk around Penarth Marina neighbourhood: http://www.penarthtowncouncil.gov.uk/Core/Penarth-Town-Council/Pages/Town_Trail_No6_10.aspx
Walk around the neighbourhood above the marina – Penarth Dock’s community: http://www.penarthtowncouncil.gov.uk/Core/Penarth-Town-Council/Pages/Town_Trail_No7_10.aspx
The Penarth Docks Community further west and south (behind Penarth Heights): http://www.penarthtowncouncil.gov.uk/Core/Penarth-Town-Council/Pages/Town_Trail_No3_10.aspx


2 thoughts on “History

  1. I don’t know if Stuart Jones has my original notes but if not would you like some information. Several of the wartime ships known as Infantry Landing Ships were converted or repaired at Penarth Docks for the Royal Navy. Two of these ships HMS Prins Albert and HMS Prince Philippe are in a group of ships I have been researching. HMS Prince Philippe sunk not long after her conversion and friends in Scotland may have found the wreck but we won’t know until the New Year. Regards

    • Thanks Rick. We would be grateful for all contributions to our history records. Stuart copied me on his reply to you. Please email the details to me and the links to any photographs. Thanks again Rick.

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